Bodega was opened in 1999 by the legendary Harry Crabb. His vision was to create an environment where a more discerning clientele may frequent. A place to forget the strains of the day to day and to be transported to a place where you could just sit back, relax and be thoroughly spoiled.

If you were on your own, with a date or celebrating with friends and family you were always made to feel so very welcome and the team delighted in keeping you firmly in your seat. You wanted for nothing and your needs were anticipated, time after time.

In Cuba, a Bodega is a store where you go to get your daily rations and have your needs fulfilled. Perfect. We like to think that you can come to this “Bodega” and get “your rations” and all your needs met too…well most of them.

20 years on, Bodega still appeals to the more mature and discerning clientele.  It’s still the perfect place to relax after a long hard day, to converse with friend’s and to enjoy a date. We trust that the welcome you received today was as warm as Harry’s and that the team keep you in your seat.

At moments like this it’s lovely to reflect on the fabulous people that we have looked after, worked with, shared with, cried with, partied with and grown to love over the years. You are too numerous to mention but you know who you are.

Here’s to the next 20 years! With love… Jason & The Bodega team

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