Bodega has always had a reputation for making a fabulous G&T’s and that’s not changed. As we all know though, in recent years, gin has changed! It’s been reborn as the spirit of choice and grows in popularity daily.

With more brands available than ever before, we have taken the time to compile a curated list of very special gins, rather than just fill the back bar with every gin there is… the bar isn’t big enough to do that for a start!

We have used the 5 main gin flavour profiles to help you choose your tipple. Our 50ml “Signature Serve” provides maximum flavour and delight and we’vepartnered each beautiful gin with a thoughtful mixer  (not always tonic).  We’ve carefully selected a garnish that really presents that gin in the way we think you’d enjoy it the most. Enjoy!

Guest Gin

Each month we will be featuring a guest gin so you can try something unique.

Your server will tell you all about it. We encourage to be adventurous and give it a go!


MANLY COASTAL CITRUS                                    8

Sydney, Australia 43%

Meditteranean Fever-Tree Tonic w/ Lemon & Coriander. Delicate, Savoury & Citrus

NORDES                                                            8

Galicia, Spain 40%                   

Elderflower Fever-Tree Tonic w/ Mint & Grapes. Floral, Fruity & Refreshing

MALFY CON ARANCIA                                        8

Moncalieri, Italy 41%                 

Sicilian Orange Sekforde Soda w/ Orange & Rosemary. Explosive, Pithy & Sunny


PINK PEPPER                                                      8

Cognac, France 44%

Aromatic Fever-Tree w/ Orange & Strawberry. Tonka, Cardomum & Original

MERMAID PINK                                                  8

Isle of White, England 38%                              

Fever-Tree Ginger Ale w/ Mint, Lime & Strawberry. Fruity, Breezy & Fragrant

ELLC BATCH 2                                                      8

East London, England 41%                   

Indian Fever-Tree Tonic w/ Sage, Thyme & Lemon Twist. Herbaceous, Bold & Balanced


THEODORE PICTISH                                           8

Ardross, Scotland 43%              

Aromatic Fever-Tree Tonic w/ Mango & Thyme. Curious, Elegant & Evened

MARYLEBONE CASK AGED                                  8

London, England 51.3%                 

Mint Sekforde Soda w/ Lime & Mint. Azalea, Citrus & Oak

TARQUINS CORNISH                                           8

Cornwall, England 42%                

Mediterranean Fever-Tree Tonic w/ Grapefruit & Thyme. Blossomy, Crisp & Fragrant


COTSWOLDS DRY                                                8

Cotswolds, England 46%                 

Indian Fever-Tree Tonic w/ Grapefruit & Bay Leaf. Cloudy, Viscous & Comforting

WAYFINDER                                                        8

Beaconsfield, England 40%                  

Aromatic Fever-Tree w/ Orange & Chilli. Pimento, Chilli & Bracing

PORTOBELLO ROAD NAVY                                    8

London, England 57.1%                  

Indian Fever-Tree Tonic w/ Lemon & Juniper Berries . Ginny, Punchy & Characterful


PORTERS TROPICAL OLD TOM                               8

London, England 40%               

Prickly Pear Sekforde  w/ Mango & Lime. Sweetened Guava & White Tea

TARQUINS RHUBARB & RASPBERRY                       8

Cornwall, England 38%               

Fever-Tree Ginger Beer w/ Raspberries & Rosemary. Tart, Playful & Brambly

FOUR PILLARS BLOODY SHIRAZ                             8

Yarra Valley, Australia 37.8%            

Raspberry Sekforde Soda w/ Tangerine & Red Grapes. Sweet, Long & Rich

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